Why 'Grapevine Girls' and what does 'Talk of the town' mean?

I love wine, good food and  good friends and so do many woman that I know.   However I also know that without good reason friends find it difficult to catch up offline.   Initially I planned to focus this group around the love of wine, with a focus on learning more about the wine making process and the art of wine tasting . 

During this time I had a small health scare which turned out to be fine but one day sitting in my doctors office she asked me some very personal questions, such as "is your... normal?"  Normal????? What is normal???? I had no idea and too embarrassed to say "I don't know, what is normal" I just said "yes".  

Sitting in my car afterwards I was astounded that at 50 I either didn't know or wasn't quite sure what was normal. But even worse than that I didn't feel comfortable asking about or answering those 'embarrassing questions'.

Off home I went and invited Doctor google into my life again.  OMG by the end of a thorough search I was convinced that I had a multitude of horrible conditions.  My test results came back fine but the experience got me thinking.  

A plan was born... Not only would I organise wine tours but I would alsoorganise an evening for ladies that started with wine tasting and was followed by an informative talk from a health professional that would answer all embarrassing, weird, funny or obvious questions that woman have but don't ask their doctors or friends. Questions would be anonymously submitted prior to the event and answered in a fun, friendly and safe environment over a good glass of wine.

Mulling this over for a few days, I came to the conclusion that a variety of these talks, covering many topics from health to herb gardening would not only inform us but get us out and socialising face to face.  

Each event would follow the same format

  • welcome glass of wine
  • guest speaker/nibbles 
  • social time  

'Grapevine Girls: Talk of the Town' was born.

I look forward to spending time with you for a wine and chat!!!

Sharon Allen